At international level I am working in the field of Sustainability and Safety of Cars and Motorcycles.


Hydrogen / Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

One of the concepts I -in collaboration with others- am working on is hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier or storage medium. Not especialy as an alternative for batteries but for fossile fuels. The cause for this article was the rising problem of particulate matter in cities. Read about an concept for reducing polution using hydrogen taxis (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles - FCEV) in the city of Delft. Or any other city!

Approach air quality: hydrogen taxis in Delft (in Dutch, please contact us for a English or German language version)

The Fuel Cell might be an interesting option for Motorcycles, because of the range versus weight issue:

Fuel Cell Electric Motorcycles (under construction)


Battery Electric Vehicles incl. Solar

During a visit to the EVS-congres in 2018 the idea rose about electric taxis in Stuttgart, the Daimler-Benz home city, still filled with MB Diesel taxis. A bit provocative essay:

Das Elektrotaxi, der blinde Fleck von Mercedes (in German, please contact us for a English or Dutch language version)

A next step in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) is the Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV). The passenger-SEV fulfilling the same need as our current fossile fuel cars will still contain batteries, but engineered for this purpose. Read our whitepaper:

Energy storage in Solar Electric Vehicles


In Vehicle Data

BMW already had 8 million cars connected to Munich in 2017, and counting of course. Tesla's were connected from the beginning of the Tesla-era. But there's also a category of static data which 'belongs' to the vehicle or even determins its characteristics like the vehicle dynamics. Some dynamic data stays 'in vehicle' because of its dedicated cause, like Event Data. With MoDarts we're doing research on this issue; this led to a paper, published at the 13th International Motorcycle Conference in Cologne):

Possibilities and Benefits of EDR for Motorcycles, to download at

Following the previous published articles:

Event Data Recorders and Motorcycles: introduction

Event Data Recorders and Motorcycles: regulation


Kees' View (in Dutch, please contact us for English or German)

Sometimes, for example with MoDarts, I work at the intersection of vehicles and business development, management and networking. In that respect I do have an opinion on Stakeholdermanagement: (in Dutch).