Leadership ~ strategy ~ results

1. Management: roles and projects in technical, trade, energy, mobility.

2. Boardroom consulting: screening, strategy, (re)structuring, creation of new value propositions.

I am working on leadership, strategy and organization. As a (general) manager untill 2003, since then by management consultancy, co-management and related training & coaching.

Founder -among other businesses- of Coaching Class and worked and learned as a manager at Ernst & Young Consulting. Academically educated and maintained my profession as a Certified Management Consultant with the Order of Experts and Consultants Organization (OOA), and still participating in the Dutch Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI), sections Management and Vehicle Technology.



Making the best of organizations, ideas and entrepreneurs. Adding value. Providing results.


  • Personality. It seems I offer an extensive experience in management and consulting to leading organizations.
  • Leadership: I lead, serve and stand for a high level if integrity.
  • Communication: in different ways, styles, levels and media.


These are Value Propositions in: